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Ants. Day 1

In the goo.

My happy little colony of Ants has arrived. Yesterday I was pretty sure that most of them had fallen as casualties of war verses the United States Postal service, I however didn’t reckon on the mighty ants will to survive! Sadly a couple of them went to the giant glowing blue ant farm in the sky. (a moment of silence if you would)

Once they were released into their home, the tiny glowing blue ant farm in my office, the first thing they did once they shook the travel off, was to scurry about and each and every ant found a droplet of condensation on the inside of the tank, and drank deep. Travel is a thirsty business! Then they all had a town hall meeting. Every little ant ran over to the right hand side of the tank, stood in a little square and chatted for a while. After that, they broke their huddle and, as best I can tell, “scoped out” the lay of the land. Systematically checking for security loopholes in the glowy-ness. While most of them did this, a couple moved their dearly departed clan mates, OVER the pre existing “starter” holes that I had made for them. I feel like this was a sign of defiance to any other ants that may or may not have been in the holes already, and not part of our group of stalwart survivors! This message clearly states, “We show our distain for you by placing corpses on your front door BITHCES!” either that or they were moving the debris to the low areas so they could work. I really prefer the former though. About this point I kissed them good night, tucked them in and went home.

This morning I was shocked and amazed to see they had finished exploring their new home, and dug a two in central shave with two entrances (using one of the starter tunnels I had left for them, the deepest of them) and after finishing, they had left a single sentry sleeping in the cavern, and the rest of the team had taken to sleeping in the same area that they had had the first team meeting on the island! They had also moved most of the bodies to the OTHER end of the tank from them! “Well”, thought I, “the least I can do is get rid of the bodies for them” Well, opening the tank work up the team, at first they were a bit slow, and none of them had a chance to get coffee before being on high alert. (I was after all scooping up ant corpses with a Q-tip) it was at this point the escape attempt happened.

One brave, brave ant, seeing the corpse of his dearly departed friend being lifted by a huge Q-tip of doom, cried out “Freedom!!!” and leapt about the Q-Tip!! I then screamed like a girl at the prospect of being bitten by a insect smaller then a piece of trident bubble gum, and (wait for it) … dropped the Q-tip. Realizing that having one rough ant on the loose could be trouble, I scooped up the Q-Tip, taunted the ant back onto it, and was able to get him back into the tank without further ado! I fear he is sowing the seeds of discontent with his wild tales of adventure. The side of the tank that was once used as a graveyard has seen a flurry of ant tunneling activity. They have put the main shaft on hold, and are furiously digging in the corner where the two pieces of Plexiglas meet. Every now and again, I see a sentry patrol the original tunnel structure, but most of the team is concentrating on the new tunnel project.

This is Pax Industria, reporting from the front. Things are tense, but confidence is high. I repeat, confidence is high.




I don’t own a digital Camera. I’m like the one person on the planet that doesn’t have one :(

Re: :(

take a non digital photo get it developed scan it and then post your lazy ass picture!!! ;P

(Or borrow a digital from the person sitting next to you) ;>
LOL well it is sitting by my work computer... and hmm they are pretty cheap....
This is FANTASTIC!!! More news from the front! What a cool idea:)

News from the tiny, blue front

Does this make you the first reporter embedded on the ant front?
Please keep us updated, as we must know how this hardy group of colonists does...

Your reports have gotten me all excited and now I want a tank of blue glow-ey ant fun! Did you get them from ThinkGeek?

Re: News from the tiny, blue front

I did indeed! And the LED Stand was so amazingly worth it! The whole ant farm looks so much cooler glowing a weird blue....
I love it! You best keep us updated on the movements on the ant front. :)
mermaidlady says you're a Big Weirdo.
Doesn't mean I don't love you, Pax...

So, who's going to give us Ant Reports when you're off in tropical paradise?
The ants themselves, probably.

Pax, are you going to give them Electronics?

June 2010

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